Full name: Robyn Williams

Date of birth: 30 September 1989

Home town: Cape Town

Favourite cycle session: 10 x 5min at Threshold on Helshoogte. Hurts so badly, but you know you’ll reap the benefits

Favourite run session: Any kind of trail run, especially in Jonkershoek

Favourite swim session: 3 x (5 x 100m on 1:45 holding best sustainable time per 100m, 100m easy)

Favourite race: German triathlon league final in the Black Forest and Woolworths Charity triathlon

Hardest race: Xterra Grabouw

Favourite pre-training meal: coffee and chocolate FutureLife

Favourite post-crazy-training day meal: Eastern Food Bazaar and ice-cream

Not a fan of: olives, tomatoes, selfies and people who constantly sniff during an exam

Loves: catching waves in (a warmish) sea, going for coffee and reading an epic novel

Biggest achievement: every time I master a tiny technical bit on the MTB, also when I get through a MTB ride without falling

Favourite pool: Newlands Public Pool, despite the numerous chicken bones and hair clips in the water, this is where I do my best swim sets

Favourite hill to cycle: Red Hill in Simon’s Town

Worst place to cycle and live: Joburg

Favourite post ride coffee stop: Schoon de Companje in Stellenbosch – best flat whites and bread!

Favourite post sweaty run beverage: peach Tropika

Robyn is supported by:


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