Things fall apart #gutted

This is not how things were supposed to end.
I haven’t run in 6 weeks due to a knee injury. I’ve done my best to sort it out. I’ve spent so much time in the gym doing rehab that all the Virgin Active receptionists know me by name. I have exhausted myself in my quest to make it come right, but after an absolutely excruciatingly painful attempt at a run this past Sunday I am resigned to the fact that my first attempt at a half Ironman is in tatters.
I am absolutely gutted. I invested so much training, time, planning, thought and energy into this race and the thought that it is coming to nothing kills me. Apparently I’ll see the bigger picture at some point in the future, but right now I am quite upset.

I am still going to go to Durban. I’ll do the swim and the bike and I’ll try and gain some experience for when I do get another go at this. And I’ll try and run. I can’t not try. My coach is not particularly happy about this. It’ll be a toss up between doing serious damage and damaging my ego. I’ve never not finished a race.
A huge thanks to my wonderful family and friends for their support, as well as to my amazing sponsors who have been unbelievable in coming to the party. I am still going to take the Shiv for a spin around Durban!


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