A Body Geometry Fit – the best thing you can do for your cycling

I had the supreme privilege of having a full-on Body Geometry Fit on the Specialized Shiv that I am getting to use at Durban 70.3. I am so ridiculously stoked about getting to ride this fast bike and I just hope that I can do it justice!

The BG Fit was nothing like anything I’ve experienced before. It was an incredibly thorough process and I left feeling that no stone had been left unturned in the process of optimising my comfort on what could be a very uncomfortable bike to ride.

And I was pretty nervous about trying out the TT bike. I once borrowed my mom’s one for a race. I just used it for the week before the race and was just so uncomfortable that I couldn’t produce any power in the race. Neither could I run off the bike after being in such an uncomfortable position that I wasn’t used to.

The BG Fit is designed to make your bike and gear fit you, not the other way around. The aim is to optimise comfort, endurance and power on the bike. This is done in a few steps.

Peet le Roux, a professional Body Geometry fitter, did the fit at the Revolution Cycles BG Fit studio in Cape Town. He started off by asking questions about my cycling background, my goals, previous injuries and any discomfort that I currently feel while cycling.

Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-49
How gorgeous is the Shiv? Pretty in pink

This was followed by a physical assessment that checked my flexibility, leg length discrepancy, spinal curve, knee position, feet arches, the strength of various muscles, range of movement in my neck and shoulders and various other things.

Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-24
This angle will partly determine how aggressive my TT position can be without causing fatigue or discomfort
Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-25
Not so good at the one legged stuff

Next Peet checked the width of my sit bones to determine what saddle width I should be riding.

Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-7

The Ass-o-meter recommends a 155 width for me
The Ass-o-meter recommends a 155 width for me 😉
Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-12
We then checked my feet aches to determine what insoles would be best – I have high arches
We tried different options just to be sure
We tried different options just to be sure which would be best

My knees are very sensitive to cleat position. Peet used various observations to set up the cleats initally and then we fine-tuned them once on the bike.

Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-52

Finally it was time to actually get on the bike. Again, all sorts of angles were checked and rechecked, but the most important thing was how the adjustments felt.

Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-36

We tried different saddles, which then altered saddle height and angle.

My favourite road bike saddle - the Power saddle
My favourite road bike saddle – the Power saddle

Peet explained each part of the process with the goal being to make me comfortable. Even a little bit of stress on the body over a 90km TT can cause serious fatigue.

Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-28

Roby Williams BG Fit Revolution-34
#aeroiseverything – well in this case comfort is everything because I am such a novice on a TT bike

And the end result:


Now I need to spend quite a bit of time getting used to riding in this position. I’ve been doing some solid tempo rides on my road bike so it is going to be interesting to see if I can attain the same power in this new position. It may take a little while, but I am super confident that this is the best fit that I am going to attain!

Thanks to Johan Badenhorst and Specialized Bicycles Africa for the photos.


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