Banhoek Conservancy Duo Challenge: the wetter, the better!

You’ll have to excuse me not writing my own blog, but when it’s done this well it’s impossible to top. This blog post was written by fellow team member, Frank Smuts, about this past weekends race that happened just outside Stellenbosch. Frank is the just the best guy you’ll ever meet, a talented veteran triathlete and the funniest writer. There is no one in the world who can so accurately capture what goes on at a race and I’ll often find myself in stitches at his descriptions. Maybe it was a “you had to be there moment,” but I am sure you’ll find it hilarious nonetheless! Frank even lets me add my two cents worth!

The Triathlete Who Shouldn't.


Size does matter, unless you know how to do it really well. And that is what happened at the Banhoek Conservancy Duo Challenge, a 20 km mountain bike race followed by an 8 km trail run. With serious rain forecast, we did not expect the biggest field, but Iqela Events took care of all the details to set the standard very high for a first time event, right in the midst of winter.

Weather reports said rain, rain, and more rain, but there are always do-or-die’ers out there, refusing to accept the fact that a warm duvet is a better choice. Three Team Tri-Plex members, namely yours truly, Robyn Williams and new, but extremely able team member Marleen Lourens, showed up for the challenge. In the spirit of wishful thinking, hoping to beat him at his own game, I also invited friend, training partner and off-road specialist Douglas Burger. Sadly…

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