Teasing me – Specialized lululemon Amira

I’ve always been quite proud of my little Silverback Detroit, not because it’s an amazing bike (no one looks at it twice), but because I paid for it myself. Quite a feat as a 20 year old student. She has always served me well, which is why I felt like I betrayed her when I was offered the opportunity to ride another bike for the World Triathlon Cape Town race.

Granted though, this was not just any old bike that was waved under my nose. It was a Specialized Amira. A lululemon Amira. A beautifully proportioned little bike designed especially for women. And she is just gorgeous:


We are girls. We may ride bikes, be able to change tires and and get our hands dirty, but deep down we all love girly things. And that is what makes the Specialized Amira so awesome. First and foremost the Amira was designed for girls who want to ride bikes… fast! The bike is aggressive AND flipping stunning.


The first thing I noticed about the bike was how it really felt as though it was made just for me. All that we did to set the bike up was to copy my saddle height from my bike. My first ride was a hard 60min tempo session out to Franschhoek. No problem. The bike seemed to fit me flawlessly. Let’s be honest, women are not built like men. Why should we have to ride bikes that were designed for them?

The colours are just stunning!
The colours are just stunning!

The second thing I noticed was how ridiculously stiff and responsive the Amira was. Getting out of the saddle was really enjoyable because it felt as though the power that I applied to the pedals was directly used to move the bike forward.

My bike is Shimano 10 speed. The Amira came with 11 speed SRAM. It took all of 1min23 to get the hang of the slightly different shifting and the shifting was sharp and immediate. I really enjoyed the 11 speed too. Instead of grinding all the way to the top of Franschhoek pass I suddenly had gears to play with.


My aero cockpit

One of my favourite features was the Oura saddle. The tagline should be “bliss for your bum” or something along those lines. I have always just assumed that sitting on a saddle is supposed to be uncomfortable. I am normally uncomfortable after sitting on my saddle for 40min and after a long ride I don’t want to see my bike for a few days at least. Not so with the Specialized Oura saddle which is designed specifically for ladies. It felt as though it moulded to my behind and that I was actually sitting on my bum bones for the first time ever.


Bike racked and ready to race
Bike racked and ready to race

Miss Lululemon Amira looked super hot on race day and she performed beautifully! I loved every minute spent riding this bike and am unashamedly very sad to be handing her back to her rightful owner. For the first time ever I was drawing second looks while cycling past the cycling snobs of Stellenbosch having coffee at their trendy stops 😉
More important is that this bike is a speed machine built to optimise performance and comfort for women. But it does help that it is one very attractive bike!


Massive thanks to JB and Chantelle from Specialized for hooking me up!


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