Every (potential) boyfriend’s worst nightmare

Because should a girl have the guts to order a pizza in the first place, she definitely won’t finish it. Leaving it to the guy to help her out.

I am not one of those girls. I order my pizza and I finish the whole thing.

Having been an athlete since the age of 7 (I used to swim from 05h00 until 06h30 and then again from 18h30 until 20h30 most week days) I have always been able to eat pretty much what I wanted. Sure, my weight has fluctuated maybe a bit more than it should have since I left school, but for the most part I have always been fairly normal. But, I have never been a “normal” girl – dieting and going to the gym to stay skinny is just not me.

And I love eating. I love food. And I especially love sweet things. I also really enjoy the socialising that happens around food, whether cooking with people or going out to eat.

The idea of dieting is just abhorrent to me. Just thinking about it makes me unhappy. When I first left home and went to varsity in Pretoria I gained around 7kg in 4 months. My mom was appalled. I couldn’t explain it.

Eventually I went and saw a sports dietitian who worked out that I actually wasn’t eating enough and so my body was storing almost everything I gave it. I eventually lost the weight again, but it entailed strict eating, keeping a food diary and being generally obsessive about what I put in my mouth. I hated it.

So since then I have tried to have a more holistic view.  I do a lot of training and so I figure that, within reason, I can eat whatever I like.

I am not what anyone would call FAT, but for an athlete I do carry extra weight. And when it comes to sport it’s not actually about aesthetics, it’s about performance. Being lighter means a better power to weight ratio on the bike and running faster as you don’t have to carry the extra bulk around.

At SA Champs this year I was probably the heaviest girl on the start list. And I knew I should have been lighter, but I just didn’t have the motivation needed to actually DIET (see, it is a 4 letter word!).

Now, with the biggest race of my short career in under 3 weeks I have finally found the motivation needed to lose the excess kilograms sitting on my thighs. But how to go about this thing called dieting? I am just not very clued up about how an athlete should quickly lose weight.

You see, it’s a little more complicated than your average person wanting to lose weight. An athlete still needs to have enough energy to complete intense training sessions. Cutting too many calories is going to make an athlete extremely tired and could result in a weakened immune system and illness. So it’s a fine line to tread, especially when one has to lose the weight so quickly.

I have set myself the goal of losing 3kg before race day. I’ve filled the fridge with all sorts of healthy diet food and I am trying to reduce my carb intake. I have finally made myself stand on the scale (I usually never do as I have a hate/hate relationship with it) and I am tracking my weight daily.

So, let me know if you have any tips or tricks for a dieting athlete.

But please don’t recommend a Tim Noakes diet. This body of mine needs carbs! 😉



3 thoughts on “Every (potential) boyfriend’s worst nightmare”

  1. When reading your blog entry I could relate perfectly. All that I have to say is that I’ve run the fastest I’ve ever run in the past 10months when I haven’t been worrying about dieting, but rather been listening to my body. When I was the heaviest girl on the line, I ran a 9:02min 3km, coming 2nd at the NCAA championships. Don’t obsess on your weight, rather listen to your body and give it what it needs. Good luck Robs!

  2. Hey Robin! I feel your pain. When I was in the middle of my triathlon training, I picked up alot of weight! I was shocked. I’m alot thinner now and looking back on what’s different I came to the conlusion: 1) I was SO hungry the whole time 2) my diet was alot more unhealty due to the fact that I felt less guilty to eat sweets, oily food etc 3) the proteien drinks and training drinks was the biggest to blame !

    If you can relate with one of the above, maybe try eating small portions to avoid BIG hunger and over eating, stop drinking anything except water during training, cut out sweets entirely and replace with dry fruit etc..

    Good luck!
    Ps. You are really well build ❤

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