So who is this chick pretending she’s pro and all that?

Robyn Williams is an ex-swimmer turned triathlete who is trying to follow in her world champion mother, Viv’s footsteps. Robyn turned to triathlon at the age of 18 when she took up a sports bursary at the University of Pretoria, leaving her beloved Cape Town for the traffic and flat land of Gauteng. There she completed a BSc Mathematical Statistics and BScHons Financial Engineering (what was she thinking?) while attempting to train and compete. In 2012 she took a gap year, was hit by a car, competed for a German triathlon club, gained some race experience, ate some bratwurst and did some traveling. In 2013 Robyn returned to SA, bought a MTB, started decorating her legs with scars and started a Masters degree at the University of Stellenbosch (a tactical move to avoid having to get a job). Robyn now lives at home (saving money) with her parents, brother and Weimaraner, Callie, while she coaches swimming, trains, eats her parents out of house and home and puts on the illusion that she is starting her thesis.

Full name: Robyn Williams

Date of birth: 30 September 1989

Home town: Cape Town

Favourite cycle session: 10 x 5min at Threshold on Helshoogte. Hurts so badly, but you know you’ll reap the benefits

Favourite run session: Any kind of trail run, especially in Jonkershoek

Favourite swim session: 3 x (5 x 100m on 1:45 holding best sustainable time per 100m, 100m easy)

Favourite race: German triathlon league final in the Black Forest and Woolworths Charity triathlon

Hardest race: Xterra Grabouw

Favourite pre-training meal: coffee and chocolate FutureLife

Favourite post-crazy-training day meal: Eastern Food Bazaar and ice-cream

Not a fan of: olives, tomatoes, selfies and people who constantly sniff during an exam

Loves: catching waves in (a warmish) sea, going for coffee and reading an epic novel

Biggest achievement: every time I master a tiny technical bit on the MTB, also when I get through a MTB ride without falling

Favourite pool: Newlands Public Pool, despite the numerous chicken bones and hair clips in the water, this is where I do my best swim sets

Favourite hill to cycle: Red Hill in Simon’s Town

Worst place to cycle and live: Joburg

Favourite post ride coffee stop: Schoon de Companje in Stellenbosch – best flat whites and bread!

Favourite post sweaty run beverage: peach Tropika

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