Oh my goodness! Everything just changed

Last week Wednesday I headed off to the pre-event launch of the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town resigned to the fact that I hadn’t managed to qualify to race elite. Instead I would be looking to borrow a time-trial bike and competing in the age-group race on the morning of Saturday 26 April.

By that evening things had done a 180 degree turn and I was on the start list of a race bigger than I had ever dreamed of competing in. 

To be completely honest I am absolutely terrified of competing against the top 60 professional triathletes in the world. On the other hand it’s an opportunity I can not pass up. So I have put my masters on hold for three weeks as I do some emergency training to try and get myself ready for the biggest race of my life!


To try and put things into perspective – I raced SA Champs about two weeks ago. I would like to say that I was the first non-professional athlete across the line. I was quite demoralised after this race as I realised that I can’t compete against professional athletes whose job it is to train, eat, sleep and repeat. I am busy doing my Masters in Financial Risk Management and coaching swimming to earn a bit of a living. At the top level it is all about marginal gains and without any financial backing and the opportunity to go “pro” I can’t really be competitive.

Now the World Triathlon Series is just next level! SA Champs is going to look like a children’s party in comparison to the professionalism of the WTS.

Only about three South African girls actually qualify to race this race on merit. The rest of us are getting to compete because not all the slots were filled by international athletes as perhaps they decided not to make the long trek all the way to Cape Town


Yesterday my coach sent me my program titled “DEFCON 4.” I’ve got less than 3 weeks until race day and I need to make the biggest improvements possible. 

So I’ve already done 8 x 1km run at race pace. Next up is 8 x 2min bike efforts at 280w and then this afternoon a swim set of

200m free warm up 

6 x 150m kick on 2:50

Main set: 3 x (400m on 6:00, 3 x 200m on 2:50, 2 x 100m on 1:20) [straight into the next set]

200m cool down


Not quite sure how I am going to get through this, but going to give it a good bash.


I haven’t started a blog before because I have never thought that many people would be interested in reading a couple of race reports, but I thought it would be cool to document my journey to the start of the WTS race as I do it like the pros and train, eat, sleep and repeat for three weeks.Image



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